Toronto International Rifle & Pistol Club

New Member Application


Applicant must possess a valid PAL. A copy of PAL (both sides) and drivers licence (or other valid ID) must be provided when you meet with the Membership Committee. Each applicant must serve a 45-day probationary period. During this time, Club Orientation/Safety Course and mandatory probationary shoots in discipline(s) of choice will be completed.

Do you have a valid PAL?    
Are you or have you been a member at any other club?    
Please indicate your shooting interests:    
Have you ever been denied a PAL, POL, or any permit related to acquistion, ownership or use of firearms?    
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence involving the use of, or threatening the use of violence?    
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence, or regulator offence, involving firearms?    
Are you a current member of Toronto International Trap and Skeet Club?
Are you interested in Volunteering?
Availability for courses:
Monday - Morning Afternoon
Tuesday - Morning Afternoon
Wednesday - Morning Afternoon
Thursday - Morning Afternoon
Friday - Morning Afternoon
Saturday - Morning Afternoon
Sunday - Morning Afternoon
List at least TWO persons not related to you and excluding employers who are competent to judge your character, and who have knowledge of your fitness and qualifications:
Person #1
Person #2
Person #3
Please list your Associate and/or Junior Associate member(s) joining TIRPC with you. Junior Associate mebers over the age of 18 years of age must have a copy of their current student ID, valid PAL and/or Minor's permit.
Member #1
Member #2
Member #3